Friday, September 24, 2010

2 more sleeps ........

.......But before we're ready to leave for New York, we have much to do. It's been a very hectic last 10 days. I tho't Mexican life was suppose to be simpler - mind you I do manage to get my siesta in there tho' it's usually a collapse from heat fatigue. That's right, the heat has only let up a bit being around 27-30 daily, cooling off some in the night, and still quite humid.

So last Friday Paul & I organized as many as we could - about 7 were able to help - and we painted the outside of our Kingdom Hall. Rolling over that deliberately grooved cement takes a lot of effort to get the paint mushed into the creases. This also entailed a lot of preparation such as removal of a big cedar shrub that was always shedding by the front door, and cement damage repair, sweeping, scrubbing the outside tile floor, etc. etc. so thankful we were working on the shady side of the hall. At the end of the day we were all pretty happy with the results, tired, and a little more bonded. We have 2 palm trees that are being donated, one for each side of the entrance. Then, Tuesday, the big day ---- we put up our English sign announcing that this is the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. It is the first sign our hall has had. We also have a smaller one at the front door, giving our meeting times. It looks beautiful! Everyone is so proud.
The next day, Saturday, there was an early ring at the gate and guess what? they were here to install the kitchen cabinets. Yahoo! ..... I think. Well, they removed the portable sink, taps, and bit of cupboard that went with the unit.....and I haven't had a sink nor water in the kitchen since. The granite guys came Monday to measure for the countertops and I was told that the rest of the kitchen cupboards & counters would not be coming 'til Saturday - tomorrow. By Tuesday I put up a real fuss, Paul phoned Pedro who phoned Armando and he and his crew showed up Wednesday & Thursday, working on the cabinets but still not sink. Each day we were left with dust & shavings and everything not dispensible for existance on the kitchen table. Each night we dusted, vacuumed & mopped and next day it would start again. Wednesday night a Sister, her husband & baby came over with mole for us - Chocolate Chicken. Sooooo delicious and kind.
Miriam arrived safely and well with all her goodies during the commotion Monday night. How wonderful to see her. The 3 of us manage to keep each other going in this construction zone and still find time for service, study, meetings, and enjoying some good eating experiences and fun.
Today Miriam had the first of her dental work done. She is having a lot done and the cost is amazingly low and she is very comfortable and confident with the woman dentist's ability. She had a 2 hour appt. today and did fine.
Now it's late & I need some sleep. My little gem of a hairdresser, a sister named Claire whose shop is literally around the corner, is giving me a french manicure tomorrow. She has given me a great haircut, one of the best I've ever had, and the color/tinting is really good. I am so fortunate to meet up with such a great little gal. She even came over and gave me a pedicure the other day, amongst all the mess. She and her husband are being 'courted' by us to come to the English. Her English is quite good, while her husband loves it and wants to learn. They have a 1 yr old baby, too. They have started to come to our Thursday night mtgs. as they want to continue in Spanish for a while - which is recommended when making such a transition. They also are such a willing couple. Today, when Paul couldn't pick Miriam up at the dentist they offered to phone to find out when she'd be ready and bring her home. Such things are so appreciated by us. I am still not driving here in Mexico and Miriam will be the first to tell you why. But I digressed......I haven't packed yet, tho' I've figured out a few outfits. We are travelling with one suitcase only, as all 6 of us [the other 4 are the Hymers] are renting a minivan and have to get all our accumulated luggage in the vehicle along with 6 bodies. Should be cozy!
Started a new Bible study today. Just like that. I find myself asking questions when they agree to a study, like, 'are you sure?' Isn't that stupid? Haven't read that one in the KM. Anyway, 2 blocks away from our house is a neat little house that no one lives in. 2 elderly Spanish sisters - one reminds me of Baba - cook there everyday and their food is wonderful. Took Miriam for lunch there on Wednesday and she couldn't exclaim enough about it. The food that is prepared is usually for take-out and it's surprising to watch the number of women coming into this little house buying their family dinner. It is cheap and the place is clean. A lunch costs 20 - 30 pesos. $1.50-$2.50. Anywaz, while we were eating that day, a young woman came in and I recognized her as the daughter of the family next door who run and live in the little corner store. Her name is Myra, she is 24. I had already learned that as kids, she and her brother [now 18] used to go to mtgs with their grandparents in the Sierra. They have since died. Apparently a lot of the family is in the Truth. But the mother, Naomi who runs the store with her husband is not in the Truth and doesn't speak English tho' the kids do, told me all this thru a translator. She indicated that her daughter would like to go to English meetings. So. When Myra came into the restaurant on Wednesday, I spoke up and I introduced myself as we'd never really met. She knew who I was. She had a wonderfully big warm smile for me. I was encouraged so I said that I'd heard that she'd gone to the KH with her grandparents, and that she'd perhaps like to come to our English mtgs. She said yes she would. I'm thinking I'm leaving for NY in 4 days, therefore I asked if she'd like to come Thursday, I could pick her up and so it was arranged. After we finished eating, I went into the store to introduce Miriam to Naomi and met Myra's brother Carlos. He also spoke English. Both the parents were at the till. I said that I'd just invited his sister to our mtg, would he like to come, too? he said Yes! That's when I said 'Are you sure?' well, they were dressed & waiting for us at 6:30. They enjoyed the mtg it seems, were extended warm welcomes and encouraged to come again. They both looked up all the Scriptures & sang the song, and during the prayer Myra put her hand over her brother's. I was touched. That night Paul & I arranged for each of the kids to come over the next day. That was today. They both have a Bible study set up, Myra with me and Carlos with Paul & Miguel. They each had a specific chapter that interested them and I'll start my study with Myra 2 weeks from today. Then, daring not to go to far, I asked if she tho't she'd like to go to any mtg while we were away. She said yes, her cousin in Spanish Cong in Chihuahua was going to come Sunday morning and take them to our English KH. She'd even made her own arrangements for herself & bro to attend. How thrilled I was to hear this. So Paul printed out 2 copies of the WT for Sunday and I know the congregation will take good care of them while we're away. This is just a typical e.g. of how easy it is to start studies here. Can't wait for you to come down and share these experiences with us.
Hope this narration has been easier to follow than for me to type. I'm reeeeeaaaaaally tired now and must close off. Tomorrow will be a big day and a lot has to be accomplished.
Our greetings, love and prayers continue to you all.