Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's 10:56 and we're ready for bed. What a difference today was from yesterday!
Yesterday, we were up before 6 and never stopped till we arrived here in Sechelt at Bill&Carol's. After a day of cramming our 12'x6'x6' trailer with just about everything we wanted to take, we were ready for that glass of wine that was handed to us as soon as we got in the door.
The weather was really on our side, as first Brad, then Jerry Richter helped Paul load the trailer. Stuff kept going out the door and every once in a while I'd go and check what was happening, expecting to see it still on the sidewalk, but it just steadily kept going inside. In the meantime, tho', I was still packing up loose ends. Kim & Porche brought us lunch and we said our goodbyes to them and a few others that dropped over. Finally at 4:00 Paul closed the trailer doors and we were ready. In the last minutes, my corner iron plant shelf wouldn't fit so I sold it to the new tenants who just happened by. Then I had a last blue ceramic pot that I sold to Mark, next door, and we were good to go! By the way, weeks earlier Miriam had given me a 3-tiered water sculpture that was safetly set away on the patio and we almost forgot it, so right now it is layered between an outdoor mat and a plush green bathroom mat in the back of the truck. [For those of you who aren't up to date, the police found our Explorer - not too badly damaged a week later and we got it back a week after that. All worked out well in the end.] We crammed our suitcase and jackets, pillow, blanket, dog basket holding his food/dishes, and a few other pieces of stuff that literally got thrown into the back as we were too tired to think. And here we'd been sorting, selling, shredding, discarding, giving away for weeks previously and we still had too much stuff. So it's no wonder that as we drove away the trailer hitch was dipped so that the truck was just a leetle bit higher in the front. Paul will address that next week. We took the trailer and parked in a secured yard at Santiage & Maritza's house in Langley, and left for Sechelt. It is only a 1 hour ferry ride up the coast, and what a beautiful evening to end an eventful day.
So this morning was wonderful to wake up to see the ocean right outside our bedroom window and feel the cool fresh breeze. Carol loves to cook and both she & Bill make us feel so welcome, we feel like we are at a Spa resort with an amazing ocean view. During breakfast, a very large bald eagle flew into the fir tree a stone's throw away watching for his next meal. The sun sparkled all day on the water, we sat in the warm sunshine talking and enjoyed a must needed relaxing time with dear friends. After supper Carol & I went for a short walk along the beach front and collected some lovely white clam shells that the seagulls had cleaned out at low tide. This day finished with another gorgeous sunset.
So now that I've finished my first entry I hope I don't lose it all but can successfully post it. Someone may want to confirm that you got it? I will try to do an entry every day. Not so long next time. By the way, we are here until Monday morning when we return to White Rock and stay with the kids for a couple of days.

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