Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday afternoon in Sechelt and it's a cozy rainy day inside with Douglas'. Maybe we'll get a game of hearts going.

We're calling Douglas' The Mexico Halfway House. We went to their meeting this morning and realized that the last time we'd been to this KHall was the visit with Douglas' which started us on this great adventure. Couldn't help but feel strengthened by the decisions we've made when discussing par.9 in the Watchtower. We really feel Jehovah has blessed us so much already. Their were a lot of visitors this morning and they sent their love along with us to our respective congregations ~ that's a 4,000 mile haul for us!

Tonight, our last night in Sechelt, we're going out for dinner to Rockwater Resort - a posh little place nestled in a smuggler's cove, a popular wedding reception place. So it's kind of a dressy-up place [too bad I have to take Paul] with a great menu ~ sure to be a fine dining experience. We'll catch the 10:20 ferry tomorrow morning and head for Paula's.

Did you hear who came for dinner last night? Thomas Zeeman [we knew him in Montreal when he was a teenager] & his wife Colleen. They live in Powell River now, which is just another ferry ride further from Sechelt. Douglas's met them a month ago and realized we were their common friends, so they just had to have us all over together. It was a nice surprise. Colleen was Colleen Moody in Vernon about 8 years ago when she met Thomas. She knows/remembers Miriam. They married about 7 years ago and lived in Prince Rupert for a while so they know Fred & Elaine Johnson & Elsie as well. Colleen is the mother of Sarah Ryter [who became a BeautiControl Consultant under me and got her red mustang convertible last March]. Small world!

So, as is probably going to be the case, I skip a day or two and have to relay events backwards. But not much happened on Friday except that Paul discovered I hadn't packed him a stitch of underwear, while someone picked up all my make-up that was in a clear zippered bag and put it in a box with my bathroom stuff - I'm hoping. I don't know which was worse, to discover Paul had to go commando or I had to go face-naked! Anywaz, we went shopping and remedied all that.


  1. Glad to hear things are coming along well (in spite of the underwear fiasco and the missing makeup)!! Small world in the truth eh, bumping into Thomas after all these years.

    Looking forward to your updates as the trip progresses.

  2. Ahh at last I am able to comment on your blog Sandi. Home from service and it's so quiet here! We miss you already!

    Looking forward to the next excitiing episode of the Cameroons adventures!!