Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Time is flying by much too quickly. MONDAY morning we left Sechelt after a terrifically high wind storm that left fresh snow on the surrounding mountains at Gibsons. It was a beautiful sight but really cold. We arrived at the kids house around noon and Paul went and got the trailer hitch reinforced. TUESDAY we got up early and headed for Merritt to get Trooper. The Coquihalla had just had over a foot of snow and we drover thru hard rain, a lot of hail, sleet, and sometimes sunshine! Crazy weather, eh? Sort of a BC send off. Said our goodbyes to Miriam, tho' we're being optimistic and hope she makes it down to Delicias early October. On the way home we stopped in Abbotsford to see Jill & Cec. Finished the day with Chinese food at Paula's and Scott & Kayla joined us. Brad & Bronson are going on a school camping trip to Elphinston Mtn, Gibsons, [that's where we saw the fresh snow on the mtns. yesterday] early tomorrow a.m. so we said our goodbyes with hugs & kisses & hoping to seem them late summer and we were all off to bed.
WEDNESDAY, today, we had a lot of last minute things to do, but slept in and relaxed. Savannah didn't have school 'til after lunch so we sat around, us 3 generations of 'Cameron/Clarke' women and had a really nice morning together. Took Trooper to the vet for his International letter required for Mexico - he was terrified as usual. Then, we visited Grammy and, after a bunch of little errands, Paul helped Paula deliver Bronsons papers - he's on the camping trip remember - and Savannah & I went to Clancy's Tea Cozy for high tea, a favourite spot of ours. We each took some crazy pictures of each other, that I'd put on the blog if I knew how, and I really appreciated this special time with her. By the time we got home, Paula had gone to work at the golf club, so we had left-overs and ice cream as no one felt hungry. We're now packing up, trying to find any convenient hidey-hole in the Explorer to stuff some of the items we have in the back of the truck. I don't know how we ended up with so much in there with us: One very large suit case, 1 small carpet bag, 2 service cases, 1 lap-top & case, sm wicker basket of dog food/dish/lease, etc, lg beach basket with 2 purses & newly acquired photo album tucked inside, 2 person emergency kit, shoes, 6 oyster shells, atlas book, 5 BCAA state travel guides, one dog bed with 2 blankets, one medium sized dog, and a pillow & blankey for me. Sheesh! Oh! I almost forgot, a 3-tiered cement water feature layered between a carpet runner and a fluffy shower mat.
I'm so not looking forward to tomorrow morning. It's going to be awful. But I'm not going to think about it right now and instead, go downstairs and watch the taped American Idol with Savannah ..............goodnight everyone.

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  1. Sounds like a pretty busy last few days! Nice for you to have quality time with family. Will be thinking of you guys. Safe trip and Jehovah's blessings and protective care go with you!