Monday, May 10, 2010

Gallup, New Mexico

We made it safely to Gallup today. Our Best Western is actually on the quiet outskirts of town which I think is good. This dusty town is very poor, lots of pawn shops, Navajo smoke shops, and a general feeling of.....'glad we'll be in Los Lunas tomorrow'.
Paul was able to park at the back of the spacious lot outside our window. The window comes right down to the floor so we put Trooper's bed in front of it and he watches - just like at 'home'. At first we had the curtains open and some guy tho't he'd peek inside until Trooper almost hit the glass barking at him. Good dog, Trooper.
I hardly slept at all last night and not feeling well today. It's just not as easy to be on the road day after day as it may have been in the past. We're only 1 1/2 hrs. from Jones but needed to rest up a bit and wash all the bugs off the truck, thus the stop.
Right out back of the parking lot is an open deserted area with weeds and a few large mounds of dumped dirt. So I tho't first thing after we arrived I'd let Trooper out and he could check it out. Well, he was over there in a shot as he must have seen whatever critters have this incredible maze of burrows inside the mounds of dirt and everywhere in between. He was frantically digging and I could hear them signalling a warning to their clan. I think Trooper tho't he was really going to catch 'a squirrel' this time, but of course he didn't. [We'll check it out again in the morning.] The holes were as big as the ones we saw on the side of the road a few days back, so I think they're marmotts.
Watched tv tonight. Had room service for dinner from nice adjoining restaurant. Lotsa salsa on the menu lately.
Have any of you, who are reading this, have a short explanation of how to make a comment on this blog? as a few are still asking. Do you have to have a gmail account? where it asks for your Profile?

Goodnight, Savannah

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