Sunday, May 9, 2010

Provo to Monticello

This is our 2nd night in Utah. We took Hwy 191 and reached Monticello around 4 pm - that's with a few stops and a missed turn that took us 10 miles further. I think we missed the turn because Paul had let me out of the car to check out some orange spikey flowers which I took pictures of. Betcha I don't get to do that again. Later we passed an earlier consideration, Moab, for a place to stay. It had 47,000 people and a KHall, and lots of interesting shopping, river rafting & other touristy stuff. A very pretty city. However, we continued on over dale, and desert, thru dust and dirt. Alas we arrived in this very windy, almost dead town of 1700. Spring has just come to this little place, so we must be quite high. The 'Best' Western is now relegated to a Wayward Inn Motel but Rich promised no bed bugs as some of the 'other' hotels boast, and a continental breakfast which we have yet to experience. The dinner we had at the diner, which opened up for us patrons at 5pm, made Shari's of the other night resemble Martha Stewart's. If anyone asks, stop in Moab!

Today, we decided no more Country Music and, thanks to the combined efforts of Scott and Savannah, we listened to 2 1/2 hours of the Yearbook downloaded into my iPod, which we hooked into the 7" flat-screen stereo system. It was easy to absorb the events related about Unganda while passing thru scenery composed of endless sage brush and red earth. While we travelled along countless long stretches of highway, there were miles and miles of towering rims and gorges, similar in all the magnificent colors of the Grand Canyon. And to my delight, in amongst it all, were acres of big splashes of a bright yellow ground cover. So much beauty in even this uninhabited wilderness to Jehovah's glory.

Tonight our 'rig' is parked right outside our door and we feel safe. Trooper continues to be vigilante to any activity outside.

Tomorrow we will slip thru the bottom south-east corner of Colorado and run down to Gallup, NMex. From there it is just a short 1 1/2 hours to Benni & Sharon's who are waiting for us, so if all goes as scheduled, arrive there around noon on Tuesday. Every night & every morning we are so thankful to Jehovah that all has gone well, and that, as Paul says, "there's nothing to blog about because nothing has happened." [Hope you are finding this somewhat interesting just the same.] Love to you all.

Good night, Scott.

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