Saturday, May 15, 2010

Los Lunas to Las Cruces, NM

We reluctantly hit the road again this Saturday morning. The trip to Las Cruces was uneventful, a good thing I guess, and now we are just 45 minutes from El Paso. Tomorrow morning, around 9:30 a.m. - 12 hours from now - we will be crossing the border into Mexico with Brother Esparsa. We talked to him earlier tonight and everything is on schedule.

We really enjoyed our stay with Bennie and Sharon: found a TJ Max store which had lots of interesting stuff. Paul is obviously still feeling insecure as he's still buying underwear! Ate lunch at a Red Lobster which was a treat for us all. The next day, we had a slower pace and we're able to have some quiet time do our mtg. preparations. With the weekly Bible reading assignment, we took turns reading and used the reference Bible at the same time which was nice to do together. Then later went to their Thursday night meeting enjoying it very much. The friends we met were as warm and friendly as the ones back home. I am always so appreciative of our amazing brotherhood. After the meeting, Bennie & Sharon had invited a few couples over so we had wine and snacks and they were enthused and excited about our move. It was late when we got to bed but we managed to get up and go out in the field ministry Friday morning. And, just like at home, we all stopped for coffee at Starbucks. [Interestingly about 10 sisters work at this Starbucks, because while they only get about $10 hr., they get health benefits!] Just as the morning was coming to an end on one of the backroads, just as Bennie promised, we spotted a real Roadrunner. Funny little thing and unmistakable likeness to the cartoon character which is all most of us have ever seen.

You know Jones' are such dog people and really fussed over Trooper, not even hardly minding when he drooled on the floor. Sharon was forever giving him treats. I think Trooper tho't he was at last 'home' because he sure didn't want to get in the truck to leave. I wouldn't be a bit surprised to hear that they get themselves a pup soon. You could tell they'd really missed having a dog around.

So we spent our last evening together savoring Bennie's fabulous Jumbolia [mispelled] and later while hoping for a pretty sunset, sat out on their patio warmed by the fire built in their fire box. So relaxing. We said goodnight to Bennie early as he had to leave around 4 a.m. to go to Aztec and work on an RBC roofing project. In the morning we phoned Olga & Percy and co-ordinated our plans to attend the Annual General Meeting in Jersey City as they, too, have rec'd their invitations in the mail. After some last minute laundry, we collected all our stuff - I hope - left around 11:00 but not before some sisters working the territory walked by and introduced themselves. We were saddened to say goodbye, but at the same time, we're excited and a little bits nervous to get across the border.

So its off to bed now. Paul's already packed it in he's pretty tired. Tomorrow we get up really early as we have to figure out how to repack the back of the truck so that I can sit in the back, with Miguel riding up front. Trooper's gonna be squished. Don't know when we'll next have a wireless connection as we won't be staying in any hotels from now on. But we'll call Paula & Scott as soon as we're safely across and heading for Delicias. Good nite Y'all. Good nite, Miriam.

.......and Good nite all you Clarkes, Camerons, and Prossers. Our love to you each and every one of you.

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