Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sharon & Bennie's in Los Lunas

If feels so good to be off the road for a few days. Actually have unpack our suitcases, which is the first since we left home 2 weeks ago today.
We had a very windy & dusty drive from Gallup. Before we left, Trooper had another go at those gophers - visual confirmed - but he came up 'empty'. Hit the road around 10:30 and some of the red dust storms we went thru were pretty daunting. The sand was drifting across the road just like a white-out in a snow storm. Finished the last of the 2010 Yearbook just as we got into town. When we arrived here, Bennie met us at Greenwals, and we followed him a few short miles to their home. What a lovely area. Their subdivision is quite new, Santa Fe style. Crazy about all the soft sandstone shades of the houses. Paul loves it. All the fronts are landscaped with fine red pebbles - that sometimes blow away - curvey sidewalks and appropriate spikey plants, roses, lilac, etc. Bennie is faithfully watering some newly seeded grass out back and had a nice choice of interesting bushes. Very nice. It was windy when we got here, but after supper we all went for a walk [to find a suitable bush for Trooper] and the air was calm and cooling. Miriam, you`ll be interested to know that there is a tree here that is a cross between a desert willow and a catalpa tree, called a Chatalpa tree. It`s not flowering yet, but even so the hummingbirds were all over them. I`ll try to find one. This morning we awoke to beautiful sunshine and the bluest sky I've seen in a long time. Sharon says that just as someone had reassured her, she actually enjoys a cloudy day! Can this be true? So we sat outside a bit, relaxed and read, while Bennie & Paul are trying to track down, with success, a place that will tomorrow be able to install air suspension balloons on our leaf springs [I probably don't have that right]. That way if there's a lot of shooting going on in Juarez, we'll just inflate the things and sail over the border. James Bond, eat your heart out!
So now Sharon & I have plans to S H O P towing 2 men.

Oh!! Oh!! Oh!! I forgot to mention. BIG NEWS. We`ve been accepted to attend the Annual Meeting in New Jersey, Oct 2. We`re hooking up with Hymers so they are booking our accommations, and most are confirmed. Yahoo! What a privilege. Can`t believe it.

Take care, everyone.


  1. So glad that ya'll made it! What exciting news to top off your day.
    Nite-nite to all

  2. Just catching up on your posts & glad to hear all is going well to date. How exciting to be able to attend the Annual Meeting!! Take care. Marlyn

  3. Congrats on being invited to attend the annual meeting that's fantastic.
    Glad you reached Benny and Sharon's safely despite your excursions with the wild flowers! Only you Sandi would stop to pursue such interests.
    You must be getting excited you are almost there.
    Looking forward to hearing the rest of the affairs of the Cameron's.
    Love to you all Carol xxx

  4. Thank-you Jehovah for your safe journey thus far.
    Thanks for the interesting up-dates.....we feel like we're travelling with you.
    Excited for you going to annual mttg this year. incredible priviledge for sure.
    Keep us posted. Much love, Sue and Wayne