Saturday, May 8, 2010

Provo, Utah

Wow! are we road weary. We got up and left what we tho't would be really early, but the old grey mare ain't what she used to be. So left around 9 again. The Hwy north of Salt Lake City is pretty ugly and a steady climb for miles & miles. So, around 10:30 I had my first nap of the day. Once in Utah we watched for a Travel Info Ctr as we weren't sure about Hwy 191 going south past SLC - if it would be too mountainous for our 'rig'. The fellow assured us that it was excellent roads and much shorter, as the way we'd picked out went south, then southwest to Las Vegas and then east to NMex. We've cut off a lot of miles as a result. Cancelled our previous reservations and found ourselves in Provo around 3:00. Had a quick bite to eat, and we all 3 crashed for naps. Trooper's woofing woke us up again as new people w/dog settled in across the hall. They were sniffing their identifies to each other under our door. [The dogs, that is.]

As we got closer to SLC, we headed for downtown where I had GPS'd the first Coldwater Creek I could find since Seattle. I'd seen a tan knee-length linen skirt on-line that I tho't would be good for service and hoped to get. The outdoor mall where I found the store was absolutely lovely. Reminded me of a much better version of the new mall in our area that has Winners, except that it was on 2 levels. Very appealing. Also was at a similar mall with Ed'n Lou years ago in San Fransisco. Can't remember the name but it was down near the Pier, began with G. Chocolates of the same name. Quite famous.

Anwaz, downtown SLC was very pretty but quiet for a Saturday afternoon. We found a 30 min., long. parking spot a few blocks away from The Gateway Mall and so with instructions not to take an hour, I headed for the store! Well! I hit pay-dirt!!!! The store was having it's one-day-a-year 35% off everything sale, plus 50% off all accessories and another 35% off that. So what's a gal gonna do? I shopped and tried on [no limit to how many items you could take into the changing room - woohooo!] as fast as I could and it only took me an hour and a half - well, so, it wasn't an hour [she said defensively]. In the meantime, Paul & Trooper were still resting in the shady 30 min. spot. All was well and I'd had a blast. The cashier line-ups were really long and I got chatting with the lady behind me, told her where we were going and why. [She was probably Morman, ya think?] Anywaz, as I was heading for the door she called out 'Goodbye, Miss Canada, and good luck.'

Just finished a rather late night dinner at Ruby River Steakhouse attached to our La Quintas Hotel. Had one of the best steak dinners ever. It's one of those restaurants where you have galvanized pails of peanuts on high top tables. Shells are dropped on the floor and cheer loudly for their basketball team on the sports tv - the team was just playing down the road - nothing tooooo national.

Well, it was good to get off the road early, tho it's 10:25 MST. Hope to get to Monticello, Utah on 191 tomorrow.

Goodnite, Bronson.

PS: didn't get the tan skirt, but, not to worry, I did alright.


  1. I can't believe I beat you to Mexico.

  2. Dare I ask where you put your new duds? Does the Ford have roof racks yet? Glad you're all safe and sound! I love reading the your daily adventures. Hugs Suzy