Friday, May 7, 2010

The Dalles to Twin Falls

"Two wheels on our wagon, and we're still rollin' along.
The Cherokees are after me......"

Remember that song? I think it was written while they crossed the bottom half of Oregon like we did today - honestly I don't know how those old wagon trains followed that Oregon Trail that we criss-crossed. Didn't see any Cherokees but saw lots of prairie dogs and those big ones that looked like a third of the size of Trooper. What were they? There was one bunch of about 7 that were all sunning themselves around this very large hole right on the side of the Hwy.
Anywaz you can tell I've got a lot of time to look out the window! We also listened to a lot of old cowboy songs from the 50's & 60's so I'm feeling kinda bunchy? thus the wagon song.

It was a long day today and we tho't of stopping earlier but decided to keep on driving to our reservation here at the Best Western. It's a nice city and hotel. Rooms that allow dogs are also just as clean as any other - glad to say. The truck is running just fine & the trailer just tags along. Each night we've parked the truck/trailer near our bottom floor room, putting on the alarm, wheel lock, & club. Yes, we were relieved to see it still parked there this morning when Paul did a check at 4:30 a.m. with the remote. So we will trust it's safe tonight, too. We walked up the street to Maxie's Tomato for a nice glass of wine and seafood pasta & salad. MUCH better than last night.

That's it. Oh, and we heard the Canucks/Chicago score. Just as well we couldn't find it, nor hear it. As Scott says: Pathetic.

Just heard from Migel that the house is ready to be painted. Yikes, but they're going to wait. How do you say soft buttery yellow leaning toward brown sorta?

We hope to get to Cedar City, Utah tomorrow. May cut it a little shorter if necessary.

Goodnight John Boy.....

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